How To Make An *Almost* Perfect Lunch Bowl

Nothing in life is perfect; however, you can get pretty darn close! These bowls may be pretty but the true beauty of a lunch bowl lies in the fact that they are a place you can throw leftovers + normal fridge//pantry staples together to create something new, not to mention gorgeous.

For a full bowl that's nutritious, delicious, AND colorful, you will need to make sure you have at least one item from each of the following categories:

  • A gluten-free (or non if you don't have issues) grain
  • A protein (animal or not)
  • A cooked veggie (broccoli, carrots, beets, etc.)
  • Greens (for summer lunches I like to keep them raw for more of a salad vibe)
  • A fat (avocado, tahini dressing, seeds, etc.)

If everything is prepared + warmed (if it's supposed to be), you can assemble a lunch bowl in under 2 mins, promise.


  • Step 1 + 1.5: If you're using a starchy root vegetable like squash or potato like I did start there, otherwise start with your grains. Spoon them into a thick line on one side of the bowl, I like to taper them out a bit so that my next layers sits on them a bit. This first line doesn't just set the tone for your bowl, but also gives the rest of your ingredients something substantial to lean on -- I used short grain brown rice for this particular lunch. Is is weird I like to cook carrots at the same time? If you throw them in before the water bowls and you turn to simmer, they turn out fab! Extra points for adding in fun super spices like coriander or turmeric here.
  • Step 2: Throw those raw greens in. They are voluminous and not very dense. If you don't do it now you may not be able to tame the green beasts later and I won't lie your bowl will be a mess. -- My bowl features your chopped dino (lactino) kale.
  • Step 3: Slide those cooked veggies in next to your greens. Whatever you sautéed them in will spread some flavor to those raw greens and the heat and pressure will also help tame them! -- I sautéed crimini mushrooms with green zucchini and spices in olive oil just before preparing lunch.
  • Step 4: Next, it's time for that protein. This could be a legume, an animal protein, or tofu. Something substantial to round off the meal. -- I chose to eat plant-based for this particular lunch and popped a can of black beans open. Super easy to simmer in a pan while sautéing those veggies! I threw in some salt + pepper + cumin + garlic powder + chili flakes to give them some spice and flavor. 
  • Step 5: Add your fatty topping. Pretty self-explanatory. If it's avocado slice it up and stick it in a row wherever it fits best. If it's a tahini or like minded dressing, drizzle where ever you want! -- There's always a less than perfect part a bowl. Unfortunately, my avocado was not at it's prime (truth be told I was too eager to open was a bit hard) but it was still delicious!
  • Step 6 (not pictured): Top with nutritional yeast and sprinkle (or shower) with the hot sauce of your choice. I most definitely took part in both of these things this before digging in!

Enjoy + eat pretty! Remember beauty shines from the inside out :)