Roasting Kabocha Squash 101

This squash is a beast of a pumpkin. It's outer shell makes it a little bit intimidating, but it's actually the best. I discovered it for the first time when I started on my low fodmap diet last March. I was weaning myself off sweet potatoes and needed to find a swap. Enter kobocha squash. It's low fodmap, totally yummy, and frequents Burmese dishes a lot. In fact, my favorite dish as Burma Superstar // all of their sister restaurants is their pumpkin pork stew. It's slow cooked pork stewed with kabocha squash and it's absolutely fabulous. Just typing this makes me want to play around in the kitchen to recreate it (recipe maybe coming soon!). Back to the squash - the major trick is to cook it enough that it's sweet and tender, but not burnt. The other trick, is to not cut your finger off. I recommend using a very sharp knife and following the instructions below :) to first cut the squash in half, then scoop the seeds out (clean and roast if you want), and then place the two squash halves open side down on the cutting board. Then cut the top stem and the bottom butt off. From there you can somewhat easily cut into it to form slices.

Ingredients // Pantry Items:

  • Kabocha squash
  • High heat cooking oil (I used avocado oil)
  • Cinnamon (if desired)
  • Parchment paper


  • Preheat oven to 400F
  • Cut squash in half
  • Soop the seeds out (clean and roast if you want, I highly recommend)
  • Place the two squash halves open side down on the cutting board and then cut the top stem and the bottom butt off
  • Gracefully cut each half into 4-6 slices each
  • Spray or rub pieces with oil and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired
  • Roast for 50-1 hour depending on the force of your oven*

*when I make these in my oven, it takes 1 hour+, however, when I make them in my Mother's Wolf oven, it takes 50 minutes tops. You want he tops of the crescents to be crisp and browned on the corners.

Eat straight from the baking sheet as a snack, drizzle with nut butter and cacao nibs for dessert, or throw into a blender with stock + steamed parsnips + spices for a quick and soul warming bowl of soup.