No Whey Lady Takes Santa Barbara

Sometimes you just need to get away. Nic (my bae) got an amazing new job a few weeks ago and it's been a big adjustment for us. Not only are his hours longer, but he is also traveling A LOT. Both in and out of the country. He is loving his work more than ever which is the important part, but we have had to make an effort to carve out special time for ourselves to completely unplug. Truth be told, it's really not easy to do this and quite frankly, it hasn't happened as often should. This past weekend was a huge reminder of just how important spending real time together, exploring a new place together really is. This was also our first adventure with the pup! A weekend of seeing new things, eating different food, and adventuring with my two favorite boys left me with the fullest heart. Read on to find out where we ate, drank, and snacked along the way!

Where to have juice in Santa Barbara:

  • Juice Ranch: All organic and packaged in glass. They also make adaptogen filled smoothies here! The best part about this place is the fact that they have MULTIPLE unsweetened green juice options. I had "The Yoda" and would highly recommend it!

Where to have breakfast in Santa Barbara:

  • Savoy Cafe: They have indoor // outdoor seating, a fab salad bar, a premade food bar, and they make food to order, too. They literally have anything you could need to start your day the best way. Bonus? They sell all kinds of goodies like Nelly's Organic Bars and turmeric wellness shots.

Where to grab lunch in Santa Barbara:

  • Santa Barbara Public Market: Reminiscent of San Francisco's ferry building and the best place to go if you have a group of people who need to eat or aren't craving just one thing in particular. There is something for everyone here! I got a sashimi bowl with edamame and cauliflower rice (yes, you read that right) from Big Eye Raw Bar and bae got a papaya salad + a giant noodle bowl from Empty Bowl Noodle Bar.

Where to have dinner in Santa Barbara:

  • TRE Lune: While this is not a "health food spot" they have great food and are super accommodating. Bae was able to chow down on his favorite Italian dishes while I enjoyed a divine, very clean, endive salad. They even serve their dishes with organic olive oil and offer an array of organic wines. Needless to say we enjoyed our dinner with a fab organic chardonnay!
  • Mesa Verde: This was the spot that was continuously recommended to me. Though they do have some interesting dishes and the food was good, it was not my absolute favorite. Also, an FYI to diners, they use canola oil to deep fry (amongst probably other things) in the kitchen. That being said, the salad I ordered really hit the spot and they have some fun teas on the menu as well.

Where to grab a drink in Santa Barbara:

  • Four Seasons Resort Santa Barbara: A view of the water, a fire pit, and beautiful surroundings, literally what could be better? This is definitely the place to stop after you've hit the beach before it's time for dinner.

On my list for next time:

  • Kotuku Elixir Bar: Actually SO bummed I missed this one this trip. We were trying to relax and live sans schedule, so it just didn't happen. Until next time, Kotuku!
  • Ah Juice: These guys aren't open on Sunday, so we opted for the Public Market instead!
  • Green Table: Matcha + vegan food galore. Can't wait to try this spot next trip. Did I mention it's all organic??

Have you been to or are you from SB? What are your favorite spots? I'd love to hear them because we will definitely be heading back soon. We fell in love!

Wondering where we stayed? Nic found the most delightful Airbnb in Montecito. Happy to tell you more about our experience if you're interested -- send me a message via email of DM on Instagram and I will share our new favorite spot, castle like hideaway.