Nutrition is more than just the food you put in your mouth. It’s where the food is from, how it’s prepared, where you’re eating it, and even what you’re thinking about while you’re digesting. YOU hold the power to eat fuel your body in a way that can change life as you know it, if you choose.

Jenna will help you feel amazing in your body, cultivate a new view on what “health food” is, and make mindful eating approachable this fast paced world we live in. She will assist you in choosing foods that best align with your body, shift habits and patterns that aren’t conducive to goals — from physical body size, to mental capacity, to day-to-day energy, to skin glow and magnetic flow.

Below are three options for working with Jenna in this capacity.


The first private nutrition session is an hour deep dive into all aspects of your life. Not just food. We will explore your current holistic lifestyle, health concerns, community connections, family//personal traumas, self care routines and rituals, and wellness goals. I look at everything that makes up your constitution from the Ayurvedic perspective, to astrology, to your human design to construct a personalized and unique to you plan of action.

Subsequent sessions will be individualized and vary depending on the needs of the client and may include diet changes, meal plans, recipes, energy work, mindfulness // breathing exercises, journaling prompts, lifestyle swaps, and more. Jenna will assist you in creating clear, reachable goals and from there, act as a guide in helping you hone into your truest self and matching that to how you feel in your body.

Option for single session or package (with package you receive priority on the calendar and 10% discount).

Note that I have special package available for Low FODMAP specific clients and have a post-hormonal birth control//hormone balance package in incubation with a heavy focus on re-ignited libido.


Initial session (1 hour): $275 // session (phone) | $375 // session (in person)

Follow up sessions (50 mins): $220 // session (phone) |  $320 /// session (in person)


A la cart services (SF Bay Area only):

Fridge or Pantry Revamp (1 hour) - $375 

Grocery Store Tour (1 hour) - $375

Meal Prep Tutorial (1 hour) - $375

Low FODMAP specific session:

Initial session (1 hour): $350

Weekly check-ins (15 mins): $75 // session

Reintroduction phase follow-ups (25 mins): $150

Payment is required at the time of booking to reserve your spot. Please honor the 24-hour cancellation policy.


Workshops are an opportunity to work with Jenna in a group setting to learn how to navigate life with proper nourishment in order to live a higher vibe lifestyle.

You’ll gain tips and tricks to grocery shopping and meal prepping along with mindfulness practices and clean living swaps. Workshops are a life-altering experience to share with friends, co-workers, and family members.

Length: 90 mins

Fee: Varies depending on location and size of group


Up level your life by cutting cords with toxicity in your medicine cabinet, pantry, cleaning cupboard, etc. Jenna will work with you to implement changes in products and help you establish new self care and beauty routines designed specifically for your body so that you can feel your best every day.

Length: 60 mins

Fee: $425

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