No Whey Lady Takes Tahoe

I was born and raised in the Bay Area but have only been to Tahoe a handful of times during snow season. Needless to say I'm the furthest thing from a snow bunny! However, this past weekend my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a snowcapped weekend getaway to Tahoe (more specifically, the town of Truckee). He is smart enough to always Airbnb us a cute bungalow with a kitchen, a.k.a. an allergy gals best friend, but given this was a special weekend I wanted to get out of the rental and celebrate! Living with allergies or food restrictions should never confine you. It may take a few explanations, a couple send backs, or even take walking out of a restaurant and going to the next place on your list to get it right, but it is possible even in the mountains to eat like an allergy-prone QUEEN! I've included my favorite, not to mention safest, allergy-friendly // healthy foodie spots in Truckee below.

Where to get a juice in Truckee:

  • The Mill Juice Shop: Organic + non-GMO juices, nut milks, and hot tonics galore. They even sell yummy bites like gomacro bars and acai bowls, though I can't personally vouch for was much too cold!

Where to have a date night dinner in Truckee:

  • Trokay: Despite the bougie name and mountain-top location, this was one of the most relaxing and delicious meals we've had to date (and we've tried A LOT of restaurants). The servers and kitchen staff GET allergies, cross-contamination, the whole nine yards. They even brought udis bread with honey and olive oil for me to enjoy before // between courses. Even better? They use local seasonal ingredients in all of their dishes.

Where to have coffee in Truckee:

  • Coffeebar: This place is THE SPOT. Though there is another fun sounding coffee shop across the railroad tracks, trust me when I say you want Coffeebar. They have all the caffeine ridden goods you could want and even keep a medium AND dark roast organic french press going at all times (I like my coffee dark and black so this was perfect).

Where to get groceries in Truckee: 

  • New Moon Natural Foods: Best market ever. They literally have everything. If you are SF local, you will understand when I say it is a small version of Rainbow Grocery that sells organic meat products. New Moon Natural Foods has everything you could need during a Tahoe stay (though you may want to buy produce at the regular grocery store as their pickings are slim and a bit pricey). I even discovered some fun, new local artisanal food companies while perusing the aisles. Bonus points for also having a juice bar, salad island, and sandwich station.

Have you been to Tahoe? What are your favorite spots? Let me know! Now that I can make it down a green hill on skis...I have a feeling we may be going back more frequently!