No Whey Lady Takes Miami Beach [UPDATED]

There is no question about it, I LOVE Miami. I am fortunate enough to have to travel there to visit my boyfriend's family. Absolutely awful, huh? Since I started visiting the Miami area 3+ years ago, more and more veg-filled, jenna-friendly, no-whey eating locales have become available. It's pretty fun getting to watch the healthy eating trend boom more and more with each visit. The eating options around the beach are literally endless and include everything from chain restos, to latin food dives, to super high-end bites. I've included some of my favorite and safest allergy-friendly bets in Miami Beach (and Wynwood) area below. 

The best JUICE in Miami:

  • Jugofresh: delicious organic, prepackaged, cold pressed juice (however, I do wish they would use reusable glass bottles). They have a few locations around the Miami area, AHH-MAZE-ING veggie, fruit, and nut mylk blends, as well as smoothies, bowls, shots (of the spice // veg nature), and sweet bites. Pro tip: they now sell at the Whole Foods Market in South Beach!

  • Under The Mango Tree: They recently opened in a new spot around the corner from where their "bungalow"-esque shop used to be. They serve fabulous fresh, organic juice, smoothies, acai bowls, popsicles, and a couple meat-free sandwiches. Unfortunately, the juice is not cold pressed; however, they do make it fresh right in front of you! Make sure you say yes when they ask if you want ice. I like the "Happy Buddha" + ginger here. Do note: they keep cheese in the kitchen for their sandos, so if you are dairy-free, let them know. They do a really great job making sure there is zero cross contamination.
  • Las Olas Café: Not organic, but they make a mean orange carrot juice. Bonus? Your non-allergic partner will love their empanadas too!

Juice spots on the list for my next trip:

The best allergy-friendly lunch spots with a wellness and//or vegan mission in Miami:

  • Della Bowls: The BEST allergy-friendly find in all my travels. I'm obsessed with this place. The owners let absolutely ZERO dairy or gluten on board the food truck, you can get creative and make your own bowl, and they are permanently housed in the fun + hip Wynwood Yard. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • Plant Food + Wine (sadly this is currently closed): New favorite restaurant alert! Everything here is 100% raw, vegan, and organic. There is absolutely no gluten or dairy in the kitchen and they are over the top nice about other food allergies (like corn). They even have a no-whey so amazing cheese platter. Get ready to have your taste buds WOW-ed. This restaurant is also boyfriend parent approved, meaning everyone in your family is sure to love this meal no matter what their dietary preferences are.
  • DIRT: The food is "farm fresh" and the juice is cold pressed, however I'm not a huge fan of their offering. Their staff isn't totally understanding of cross contamination, so severe allergy folks, be extra cautious here. 
  • Glaser Organic Farms @ the Coconut Grove Farmers Market: This stop is totally worth the trip off the beach – do note they are only open Saturdays from 10AM to 7PM. Not only do they have a fully raw, organic, vegan sushi//wrap station, but all of their products come from the farm with them! This includes: their fab salad dressings, hummus, nut pates, nut and seed butter, spices, juices, snacks, produce, and a whole food lunch station. I ordered a nori wrap at the sushi station (pic can be found on Instagram) and have been craving another one ever since!
  • Lilikoi Organic Living: LOVE THIS PLACE. While DIRT is cute, this place actually has there s*** together. They understand cross contamination, use all organic ingredients, and make a mean salad. They also have gluten-free quinoa waffles!
  • PLNThouse - the good kitchen: a sister restaurant of plant food + wine, this place lives up to the hype. They have a variety of acai bowls, juice, smoothies, wraps, salads, and even entrees (like vegan rubens). It's located inside the 1 hotel, so you know the vibe is good. They also have an outdoor eating space that overlooks the ocean. Hand down, my new favorite lunch spot at the beach.

Lunch spots on the list for my next trip:

My favorite DATE NIGHT restaurants that will accommodate allergies in Miami:

  • Prime Fish: This place has a beyond cute, very romantic outdoor seating area under a giant tree with history. I think it's probably my favorite dinner spot. Do yourself a favor and order the grouper, it's always SUPER fresh. According to the chef, they don't use butter on their fish, just oil. They will also cook everything, including the sides, in a clean pan if you tell them you have an allergy and cross-contamination is a no-no. P.S. the fish pairs great with the bottle Muscadet they always have on hand from the Loire Valley (it's literally my fave and less than $50 for the bottle).
  • Juvia: It's all about the atmosphere here. You can reserve a table on the outdoor roof area and get a 180-degree view of Miami Beach. They have an amazing green wall that will give you starry eyes and a DJ to set the mood. Though I must say the hype and atmosphere win over the food, the chef does take food allergies seriously and will bend over backwards to prepare a clean, fresh meal with no chance of cross-contamination. Pro tip: just come here for a drink to enjoy the vibe and unwind!
  • Ceviche 105: If you like ceviche, you will LOVE Ceviche 105. For a no-whey meal, let your server know you have a serious dairy allergy and order the traditional ceviche mixto with no sauce (note: according to my server they always add a touch of cream to the mix, so be sure to alert them!). Oh, and remember to have them nix the corn if you are corn sensitive like me. Pro tip: bring a sweater, they blast the AC!
  • Myumi: UPDATE - these guys are now operating out of 1-800-Lucky, not Wynwood yard. Their food truck has been moved to LA, so LA people, get ready for some amazing sushi. They used to serve omakase out of the food truck at Wynwood yard, but are now only serving hand rolls out of their stand at 1-800-Lucky, a VERY cool, new Wynwood Asian Marketplace. Make sure to follow the chefs on instagram because they will do secret omakase seatings every one in a while. Each one of their chefs are AMAZING, they will ask about allergies before the dinner begins (he’s totally cool with adjusting the nigiri to fit a gluten-free and corn-free diet), and there is zero dairy on the premises. 
  • Estiatorio Milos By Costas Spiliadis: super fun resto that's great for allergic bodies and big groups. You get to pick your fresh whole fish at their "market" and then it gets first roasted and drizzled with goodies like olive oil, sea salt, parsley, and capers. We got ours without capers as they are often cured in white vinegar (corn derived). My only beef with this spot is that their local fish choices are slim. A lot of their fish is flown in from the Mediterranean which is just silly because the fish around here is fabulous. 

Dinner spots on the list for my next trip:

Have you been to or live in Miami? What are your favorite spots? I'm always looking for the best allergy-friendly restaurants for my future trips (were usually out here 4x a year)! Thanks in advance for any recs and always remember to eat yummy + be well wherever life takes you!