No Whey Lady Takes San Miguel De Allende

Be warned, there is most definitely whey in the form of queso (A.K.A. cheese) on almost everything, 90% of menu items are wrapped in corn tortillas, and cross-contamination does not translate in the state of Guanajuato. For this reason, I stayed clear of restaurants this trip and opted to cook meals in my casita throughout the course of my stay. That being said, I have compiled an AMAZING, allergy-friendly San Miguel de Allende guide including top farm fresh markets, favorite juice spots, and wine bars with a view of the beautiful city. All dairy-free, gluten-free, corn-free of course.

The best GROCERY MARKETS in San Miguel:

  • Via Organica: great for organic produce, pre-made soups and salads (all noted with ingredients) are available, as are farm fresh eggs, and a frozen organic meat selection.
  • Super Bonanza: the go-to spot for packaged + canned goods, think quinoa, cereal, crackers, etc. They have an entire shelf of gluten-free goodies!
  • Nico Nico: save for non-organic produce shopping (choose items with a peel). They have the BEST bananas in the city at only 2 pesos a piece. They also squeeze their own juice in the a.m.

The best JUICE in San Miguel de Allende:

  • Via Organica: I ordered a green mango smoothie here, not juice, however, they do make both organic juices + smoothies in-house in their restaurant. The staff is also over-the-top nice.
  • Genesis: this is the cutest + "jugo barre." They will make you any juice combo right in front of you and serve it to you at the bar in a milkshake glass. A two blend juice comes in at 22 pesos (that's less than $1.25). Note: it's not organic, but I can personally vouch for the zanahoria (carrot) + naranja (orange) blend. YUM.
  • Cafe Media Naranja: a hidden gem upstairs from the street entrance. After the climb up the stairs, you can grab a menu, seat yourself and ogle over the fresh juice options! Again, not organic but an awfully good deal for some one of a kind juices. They even include cactus in their green juice!
  • There is also a clean juice bar within Mercado Centro. While I can't vouch for it personally, if you're in the area of the market and craving a fresh jugo, I'd say it's a good (and safe) bet!

The best ROOFTOP BARS in San Miguel de Allende (b/c wine is always a NO WHEY good idea):

  • Hotel El Palomar: My favorite. The rooftop restaurant//bar has a PHENOMENAL view, a great vibe, and no elevator (so you get some stair action in after climbing the hill to the hotel).
  • Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar at the Rosewood: Not the best deal in town, slightly pretentious, but it's tied for best view in my book! The grounds are also beautiful and they have fire pits to keep you warm after the sun goes down. 
  • Quince Rooftop: Good Tempranillo, better views. Though the sights are not jaw dropping as the Rosewood, they do have a phenomenal view of the main church, electric outlets at the bar, and great wifi! Perfect for capturing the sound of the church bells on Snapchat.
  • Sky Lounge at Hotel Nena: Better Tempranillo, on par views with Allende. The service here is awesome, a terrific place to practice your Espanol and if you're daring take a dip (they have a rooftop pool, though not sure use is allowed by non-hotel guests).
  • La Azotea: Prime location right across the street from the Jardin. Great value ($4 coupas), however, the wine is sub-par as are the views.

Now go off and enjoy! Food allergies, intolerances, and wellness preferences should never hold you back from traveling and experiencing a new culture!