No Whey Lady Takes Portland

This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind. When we found out our pup Hansel a.k.a. Hans was coming into our lives, bae and I got real busy real fast. From buying the crate to figuring out the food to finding natural dog toys (feel free to LMK if you have questions about any of this, the natural pet world is a confusing one!) it's all a blur. We also realized that we would have to divide and conquer last weekend. Nic's grandfather was celebrating his 80th birthday at the exact same time Hans would ready to be picked up, talk about #life hitting hard. We're not a couple to do things separately, so the weekend was totally weird, but totally great all at the same time. As always, we made the best of the situation. When Nic went off to Miami to celebrate with his grandfather + family, I jetted up to Portland with my mom for some girl time! Let me tell you Portland rocked my dairy-free, gluten-free, corn-free, currently low fodmap world. Sharing where I ate, some of our activity highlights, and what's on my list for next time below...because you know we were pretty busy picking up the pup and all ;)

Where to get brunch // lunch in Portland:

  • Prasad Cafe: Went here twice in the course of 48 hours. It's that perfect. The kitchen is 100% dairy-free and gluten-free and the staff is over the top amazing about answering questions and sharing all the ingredients in EVERYTHING (from the rice milk to the bowl sauces). This was huge, as dining on a low fodmap diet is not a cake walk. They also made an unsweetened green juice sans celery that was just perfect. GO HERE!
  • Bone Broth Bar by Salt, Fire, & Time - Oh my yum. Before I dive into the details...why on earth does SF not have a bone broth bar yet? This place was actually amazing. They serve two bone broth flavors a day, have any topping imaginable, and sell some great brands like vital proteins alongside their tubs of bone broth. I will say I broke my low fodmap diet for this one (onion is in the broth base), but BALANCE. I will tell you the add ins aren't cheap, but if you're only doing it once, I say go all out. P.S. eat it there, the mugs make the whole experience!

Where to have dinner in Portland:

  • Bamboo Sushi: While this wasn't the best sushi I've ever has in my life, it was pretty darn decent, fairly priced, and I absolutely loved the fact that they are ahead of the rest of the industry and serving up sustainable sushi. They also had an organic spring mix which if you eat sushi you know how rare that is at a mid-priced sushi resto. If you're into sashimi, this is a safe spot!
  • Dicks Kitchen: Equivalent in philosophy to Roam Burger in SF with more meat options and less vibe. The food here was honestly pretty great and they were over the top nice about allergies. They were able to ensure my patty was grilled on a clean space and served if up with a lettuce "bun." Though I do think roam is better, the venison burg at Dicks was pretty delicious after a wet day walking around town!

Where to get groceries in Portland:

  • Whole Foods: Because, duh this lady needs her snacks! But actually everyone who works here is ridiculously nice and they carry some fun local brands like Honey Mama's (which can also be found at Prasad)
  • New Seasons Market: We stumbled upon this by accident while we were in the parking lot for a dog store (forget the leash!). It was a major gold mind they carry Eating Evolved chocolate I'm addicted and have to order more.

What to do (besides eat) in the Portland area:

  • Check out the falls! There are so many of them and they are all beautiful. My research led us to Latourell Falls and let me tell you, if you like to get out in nature, this is the activity for you! While it's not a long walk (the loop is 2.5 miles) every single step is filled with beauty and you get to see not one but two falls in one. You will see what I mean when you go visit :) *do note the falls are about 30 mins outside of Downtown Portland
  • Get reflexology and go for a sauna at Aloe Wellness + Spa! If you run could like I do, this is a great way to unwind and reboot on a damp day. They have the biggest infrared sauna I've ever been in and also offer reflexology. This was my first reflexology experience and I will say I'm not sure how legit they are here, it felt like a foot rub...but a very nice foot rub at that. Both my mom and I left without a care in the world which is rare for us high strung ladies.

Eateries for my next visit to Portland:

What are your favorite Portland eats + activities? LMK below b/c I have to go back with the boy (and the pup)!

In good health + happiness.