No Whey Lady Takes New York

After hitting Belize for Mama No Whey’s birthday + Christmas (because let’s be real Christmas just isn’t the same when you’re Jewish)…this lady took off for NYC // BK to enjoy the rest of the post-Christmas holiday season. You may or may not know that I spent a year of college at FIT. That was like my trial year to see if I wanted to move there after school. After a year, I realized I was a California girl at heart and as much as I love being in New York, I like it best in doses. That said, after leaving, I’m already feeling ready to go back…the grass is always greener, right?!

This trip I stayed in Brooklyn and spent more time shuffling around the borough than I ever had before. Between seeing family and a boy there (yes, I said it) and friends in Manhattan, I was able to make my rounds and experience a fair amount of my favorite places and spots that had been on my list for ages. Let’s remember, trips and life in general are always about balance. Not everything I did is on the list for good reason — the trip included more alcohol than I usually drink, along with many trips to Whole Foods, but you don’t need to know about all of that now, do you?…or maybe you do in which case shoot me an email or comment below. Any who, below are some of the NWL approved spots I was able to squeeze in between seeing some of my people. Would love to hear your favorite spots! I’m sure I’m missing a bunch. Enjoy my picks and happy travels, friends!

Dairy-free, gluten-free, corn-free compliant restaurants in NYC // BK

  • Hu Kitchen - with a 100% dairy free and gluten free kitchen, this place is literally my haven. I want to move in. I got the chicken soup with a trio of sides (acorn squash with pepitas, sweet potato wedges, and roasted broccoli). In my dreams I would have ordered all the sides and shipped them back home with me. I also got the chocolate covered golden berries to go. I love love loved them, but gave them to someone with “normal” tastebuds and they said they were a no-go. So to each their own!

  • Sunday in Brooklyn - not only is this place super cute, but they will bend over backwards for you if you warn them about food allergies (as always, I recommend calling in advance so the chef is aware before you show up). I dined here on a date and the kitchen team was able to put together a pretty large list of menu items that could be altered to fit my dietary needs. We ended up with the wood roasted mushrooms (THEY WERE AMAZING), the roasted beets with persimmon, the hamachi crudo, and the flank steak with broccoli. Notable mention goes to our beyond LOVELY waitress…I’m blanking on her name, but will update when I remember.

  • Butcher’s Daughter - I’ve been here a couple times, but this was my first trip to the Williamsburg location. They are always fabulous with food allergies and have options available that are dairy-free, gluten-free. This times around I had the beet tartare minus the goat cheese (duh) and the best kale salad. I will say the salad is totally yum, but huge and takes FOREVER to eat. If you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like chewing kale for 45 mins maybe pass on it — but if you don’t mind that or need your fill of veggies, then get on it!

NWL approved workout studios in NYC // BK

  • The Class - this trip was my first experience at the actually studio. I’ve previously attended their visiting classes at the assembly (a fab women’s cowering space here in SF). The class was more or less the same, though it was a bit more powerful to have the mirror there to see yourself throughout the hour. The mind, body, spirit, emotional component of this class is huge. It won’t just leave you sore and sweaty, but it will change your mindset. Can’t wait to hear what you think if you haven’t tried it.

  • Humming Puppy - the most beautiful studio I’ve ever been in!! Seriously, it was gorgeous, the photo I have as the head image for this post is in the studio and it doesn’t do it justice (the bathrooms were also on another level). I went to the “mellow hum,” which is comparable to a restorative yoga class. The room is just the right amount hot, each pose when you do them are held for 3-5 breathes, and there is a decent chunk of guided meditation. The words and messages throughout the class were totally on point. If I could take this class every evening, I would! Obsessed.

Best wellness spots in NYC // BK

  • WTHN - you know I’m obsessed with acupuncture, so it goes without saying that I’m very into this spot. They’re making acupuncture more accessible for all. The doctor (Kristin) I saw, was extremely knowledgable, not to mention kind! She did a similar intake to the acupuncturist I see at home, though she used more needles to treat, didn’t incorporate massage in her practice, and put these cool acu-ear things on my to leave on for the duration of the week. I also had cupping done for the first time. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the experience and it’s important to mention, it’s significantly less expensive than seeing a one off acupuncturist. RUMOR HAS IT, they may be coming to SF this year!

  • Shape House - I LOVE to sweat and don’t sweat enough in SF, it’s just not hot enough and I’m not generally a high intensity worker outer, so I have to make a point to sweat a few times a week. It’s key in supporting my liver (NAFLD over here! Who else?). This place was magical to me. They wrap you in the equivalent of a heated foil sleeping bag, put headphones on you, and give you a clicker that's attached to your own personal TV that’s set with Netflix, Hulu, you name it, and leave you to sweat for 50 mins with a bottle of alkaline water. All I have to say is shape house, you must come to SF.

  • Rock Star Crystals - hands down, the most crystals in a place with a lovely vibe that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. My friend // spirit sister, Alyssa, also let me know that the guy who works there does crystal readings from time to time, so be sure to ask him if he has his book with him to do one while you’re there!

On my list for next trip: