My Morning Routine

A morning routine says a lot about someone. While the components of my morning routine have shift over the years, the one constant is that my favorite morning is always long, relaxing, and includes a cup of coffee (though I rarely finish the whole thing). To improve my sleep — which took a big hit after my breakup — I’ve been making tweaks to my nighttime routine which has positively affected my morning routine. I’ve also picked up a daily meditation practice. This, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, has lasting effect throughout the day and changes how easily I’m able to wind down after a busy day even though I meditate in the morning.

So, ready for it?

My alarm to take my temperature via my Daysey (basal thermometer to track my cycle) goes off at 6:30AM. I take my temperature, remove my eye mask, open the blinds next to my bed, and slowly adjust to morning time in bed. If it’s the weekend or if I was up late the night prior, I will snooze for another hour or so, though I rarely sleep past 8am. Being on a regular schedule is important for my vata body and #dogmom duties.

Then the day starts! I throw on my robe, go downstairs, open Hansel’s crate (give him a good morning hug and kiss), put hot water on to boil, scrape my tongue, brush my teeth, open all the blinds, clean my French press from the day prior, grind coffee beans, and get my coffee brewing. By that time, Hansel is itching for his potty walk so off goes the robe on goes a fuzzy coat and we’re out the door for a quick 10 minute potty walk (yes I’m the crazy lady in PJs and a funny jacket).

When we get back from the walk, Hansel gets fresh water and his favorite food (open farm — currently loving the lamb variety), I pour my coffee and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Go sit down on the couch and open my calm app for the daily 10 minute meditation. Note that my phone is on airplane mode until this time!! This has been the hugest game changer and is a new edition to my routine since cleaning up my sleep hygiene (post on that coming soon). I ignore all the notifications that pop up when my phone comes off airplane and do my meditation while smelling the aroma of my cinnamon coffee. Usually Hansel will come and snuggle next to me on the couch while this is going on.

THEN, coffee hits the system. Notifications on phone are looked at and responded to and the work day begins. I do some of my best work in the morning. If I'm writing it usually happens before noon or after 8pm. If I’m on any dating apps I will usually sort through convos and respond in the morning, too (then I turn notifications off for the rest of the day). Not only am I cheekier during my creative morning mode, but as my friend puts it. If I’m feeling the need to talk to someone at night, it’s usually to fill a void. If it’s in the morning, I know I’m genuinely interested in getting to know them.

Depending on the day, I will hit the gym for a hamster wheel run (on the treadmill) — I do a .5 mile incline walk, 3 mile run, .5 mile incline “cool down” and stretch about 3 days a week and a late morning or early afternoon yoga or pilates class the other 2 week days. The run takes place after I do an hour or two of coffee drinking and work. Then comes breakfast! If I’m doing a later morning class, I’ll have a piece of fruit to tide me over.

Obviously, will shower post-workout (duhhhh) and resume my day.

Hope this was fun for you to see! I’d love to hear about your morning routines and what sets you up for a successful day.