10 ways to make the Low FODMAP diet less overwhelming

10 ways to make the Low FODMAP diet less overwhelming

Have you been told by your doctor to try out the low FODMAP diet? Were you totally confused as to what that even meant? So was I when my gastroenterologist told me it could be helpful in reducing my bloat back at the beginning of 2017. Don't get me wrong, he's a fabulous doctor, but all he gave me was a piece of paper outlining some foods that were high FODMAP and what foods were low FODMAP, no further instruction. Some of the foods I ate weren't on there, however, there were many that weren't. Through tons of online research, I found that amounts of foods that were "okay" and "not okay" differed from site to site and I was left really confused. This confusion led to stress, which only exacerbated my tummy problems. I finally stumbled across the Monash Fodmap App. Let me tell you that was the best eight dollars I've ever spent (totally not sponsored, just a legit lifesaver). During the time I was on low FODMAP, I used the app and developed my own way of navigating and dealing with the restrictiveness of the diet. You can read more about my low FODMAP experience over on mindbodygreen. Thankfully, I started seeing a functional medicine doctor a few months after, because I had no idea you were only supposed to be on the diet for two-ish months (now that's something that should have been on the form the doctor gave me!).

Fast forward to today, I've figured out what foods work and what foods don't work for my system when it comes to FODMAPS. Apples, beets, and watermelon are pretty out of the question unless I want to feel uncomfortably bloated for hours and when I'm cooking at home I keep onion and garlic to a minimum. Remember, this is a diet that takes time, exploration, persistence, and help from a practitioner of some sort. 

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