5 Things I Took Home From The Ranch

This was my second year at the ranch and I have to say, I think I loved it more than the first time. It came at a time in my life where I really needed it. I needed an escape from my life, I needed grounding, I needed to find myself - by myself. Being at the ranch is literally heaven. With my food allergies, I've become quite close with the maitre d' and am able to request what I want - within reason (they run a pescatarian, predominantly plant based kitchen)  - at each meal time. Throughout the course of the day you have an option of approx five activities to do on the hour, every hour, from 6am to 8pm. There is a constant source of stimulation for your body, mind, and spirit. The mental component is probably the biggest part, because let's be real my friends, the mind - gut connection is huge. Since ranch trips only last 1 week...well at least mine do. It is essential to "bring the ranch home," so that you can continue feeling as at peace as you do there but in your daily life!

Top five ranch takeaways of 2018:

  1. Movement + Dance are both important!! Don’t discount that. Remember how much you loved taking dance lessons growing up? You can still do it! Sign up for more dance workouts and go out dancing every once and a while.
  2. Incorporate Ayurvedic schools of thought into your daily lifestyle. This mainly means eat at regular, consistent times each day, stick to three meals a day (no snacking unless you're actually hungry!), and choose warm, cooked foods over cold, raw foods. Remember, one of your favorite things to eat is soup - your body always knows, don't fight it!
  3. Get in touch with your second chakra! This relates back to dancing and getting in sync (literally!!) with your feminine energy. This could help the body regulate and initiate regular menstrual cycles. Woo woo but totally plausible.
  4. Less phone // screen time. Don’t look at the phone the first 20 mins each day. Let yourself think my own thoughts, cultivate your own creativity, and dampen that anxiety. Then start the day. Shut down phone time at 9pm. There is no need to be sending emails, texts, or doing anything on instagram after that hour. 
  5. Find at least one activity a day that feels grounding - whether that’s walking in nature or sitting in meditation for a few minutes - and DO IT everyday. You know it makes you feel better.

BONUS (and quite possibly the best one): Literally shake things off. You know how animals literally shake after a fight or altercation. So much stress gets held up in the body and we hold onto it for no reason. Don't feel silly literally shaking it off. 

I hope these takeaways are help you even the tiniest bit. Always here to answer questions about the retreat, I know you have them!