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No Makeup Makeup - Clean Beauty Edition

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No Makeup Makeup - Clean Beauty Edition

If you know me you know I'm not a huge makeup junkie, skincare is much more my pace. That being said, some days // some events call for a step up from a bare face. I'm not one for thick eyeshadow, a bright red lip, or anything of that sort, but what I have mastered is a glow-y no makeup looking look with just a handful of non-toxic product I love.

Ready for it?

First things first, a good makeup application begins with a moisturized face. I'm currently toning with January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic and moisturizing with Dermaplus Hydrator. If it's daytime, I will also apply my tried and true sunscreen (have been using for 4+ years), it's the non-tinted SPF 40 from TIZO.

Now we can dive into the actual makeup!


I personally do not use a foundation all over my face. I use a foundation stick as cover up to conceal any red spots or blemishes I may have. I've found W3LL PEOPLE's Narcissist Foundation Stick to work best for me. A lot of non-toxic foundation // concealers contain coconut oil which is comedogenic and clogs pores. It works for some people, but unfortunately makes me break out big time. If you're like me - I definitely recommend this stick! That being said, it is on the drying side, so be sure you are well moisturized. I use the "fair golden" shade.

Blush + Glow

I, along with probably 90% of you, was a NARS orgasm blush addict. It yielded the perfect glow with a subtle pop of pink that works on most skin tones. Blush was one of the first items I switched over when I found out some of the shady stuff NARS was up to. If you want to see what the older formula we all were using was filled with - check it out here. I've been using Lily Lolo's Pressed Blush in Tickled Pink and love it. It's a bit more pink than Orgasm, but I tone it done with a golden highlighter and it seems to even everything out.

My all time favorite highlighter (and probably beauty product in general) is Maya Chia's Highlight of the Day in After Hours. It's the most divine tan glow-y color and I love the consistency of it. The result of just two little drops of this magic liquid is a sun-kissed glow that's like nothing you've ever seen before. You will be obsessed!!!

A tried and true mainstay in my makeup bag is the cult favorite RMS Living Luminizer. It's a cult favorite for a reason. I use it on the inside of my eyes and on my cupids bow. If I'm on the go and don't have a highlighter with me, I will use it on my cheeks as well. 

Define The Brows

Okay, okay so this one isn't totally non-toxic, but I can't live without glossier's boy brow, and it's not THAT bad on the EWG scale. The EWG stands for the Environmental Working Group. They are a team that compares the ingredients on all home and beauty product labels against toxicity information on approximately 60 regulatory databases. They are a truly fabulous resource as the United States has almost no regulation when it comes to what can and can't be included in the products we put on our skin and use in our homes. The majority of the EWG scales for boy brow come in green, with a few in orange, meaning there is low to minimal risk. Not the best, but also not the worst.

When I'm finally ready to give it up and make a switch to something more on the natural scale, I'll keep you posted.

Get Lush Lashes

Hands down best clean mascara IMO is by Lily Lolo. I've been told from one of my favorite clean beauty estheticians that if you layer W3LL PEOPLE's Expressionist Mascara and Lily Lolo you get length, separation, and volume. However, that's a lot of steps for this lady, and I have long lashes, so don't personally find it necessary. I use an eyelash curler occasionally before applying, but find the volume from Lily Lolo to be perfection. Note, it does flake if you touch your eyes too much, but you shouldn't be touching your eyes people!

If I'm feeling extra fancy, I will throw on a small cat eye liner. I'm not super talented in this department, so I find a pencil to be easier to control, as you can smudge if you need to. I love the way Jillian Dempsey's liner glides on and bonus points for it coming with a smudger attached to the pencil! I use the jet black color if you're wondering :)

A Bit of Lip Tint

Again, I'm totally a minimalist in this department. That being said, it is nice to add a slight hue to the lips and bonus points for some moisture. I've been using the RMS Lip2Cheek pot in "demure" and love it. It's just the right amount of color and I can stick it in my bag and use it as blush if I'm on the go. All about those multi-purpose items over here!

Have clean beauty questions? I'm your girl and always experimenting with new products. And don't forget, the true beauty radiates from WITHIN!