Dating and Astrology

So true story, this lady has been known to ask for a birthday before a first date. don’t worry, i restrain myself and don’t ask for a birth time and location until after the second date (I’m not that crazy, come on people). that said, jokingly but not so jokingly when i reactivated my hinge profile I answered the prompt “you’ll know i like you if…” — with “I ask for your birth time.”

I was joking but totally not really.

What I’ve learned at this point in my dating career is if how you really feel and the things you will eventually do aren’t cool off the bat, newsflash: they will never be cool, you’ll just find out earlier. So let that witchy flag fly my ladies…just maybe not too intensely. Let it fly but don’t like suffocate someone with it.

Let’s note that I have never not gone on a date with someone because our signs don’t mesh according to a quick google. Just like there are many layers to a persons character, there are many layers to their astrological chart. To rule them out for their sun sign would actually be crazy.

After the second date though, all bets are off and human design has likely come up in conversation — fyi bringing it up is the perfect segway into grabbing that birthtime and place. The men I’ve gone on more than two dates with want to know what their human design is and are often curious what a moon and rising sign means (whether that’s to fuel my fancy or because they’re actually interested the world may never know…but does it matter?). I’ve also been known to chat with my human design gal pal, Katie, about boys inclinations due to their chart and shamelessly always plug their info into the pattern. I like to have as much ammo as possible going into a situation, but like to think it doesn’t change how i feel, act, or make decisions surrounding a person. What it does usually do is deepen conversation. I’ll bring up something that’s in their chart or an interesting point the pattern brought up in regards to relationship timing and it breaks down a barrier and general makes men feel comfortable sharing an under-layer of things. For instance, how they’ve been hurt in a past relationship, where they’re at in their spiritual journey, and how their emotional body is feeling in this space at this point in time.

Truth bomb. It turns a lot of people off. Some men (and I’m sure ladies, too — that’s just not who my soul gravitates towards this time around), aren’t here for it. They’re not on that spiritual plane or choose not to be. They’re also not my person. It makes it easier to not waste time on someone or make up a story that they could change or you could change them. They won’t and you can’t. You never can. If they seem perfect except for the fact that they don’t understand your “woo woo” stuff, they’re no where close to the perfect person FOR YOU.

And because we’re honest around here and maybe you need a laugh. Here’s a glimpse at what dating looks like — mind you I appreciate his blunt Israeli honestly (I’m stereotyping yes — call me out if you want to):

dating and astrology.png

There were so many things wrong with this. the honesty was the only thing that was right and appreciated but the rest was * insert vomit face *. It was a compliment sandwich gone very, very wrong — all about the physical body and nothing more than that. We obviously are not compatible on the spiritual front. and Time is a commodity. Needless to say we have not and will never meet and I handed it to him with a big response re the above.

If you’re in a relationship be grateful you’re not dealing with this today and feel supported by your person, if you’re a fellow single lady — my prayers are with you (I wish I were kidding).