Spring has sprung around here (around here being SF)! Last week the sun finally started to make it’s appearance after far too long and this lady could not be happier about it. With the sun shining, flowers blooming, and mood shift in the air, I most literally feel like I have been rebirthed. I’m more excited about new projects, feeling like getting creative in the kitchen again, and am raring to get outside hiking with Hansel again.

With this spring bloom comes growth, but also….all of the feelings. This time last year — I was kindly reminded of this via instagram — was when I was in Colombia with my ex-boyfriend aka bae I lived with for over three years and dated for over four. I remember this time last year SO clearly. While I was excited to travel somewhere fun and new and warm (you know how much I love to be hot), I remember telling my mom if nothing changes after this trip, I need to a change and//or make a serious decision.

Spring is a time for change. Sensing a theme here? Well for you nosy ones and in the spirit of being fully transparent. Nothing changed after that trip. In fact, more rose to the surface and I had to end things — granted that didn’t happen until the summer (I’m an overanalyzer) — I tried to make things work, tried to give second, third, fourth chances, went to couples therapy and solo therapy (with different therapists). It was a tumultuous time, but also an important one.

The point of this story? Now that we’re coming out of winter hibernation this year, it’s time for yet another round of change! If you found yourself here reading this, I know you know how much the mind, body, and spirit are connected. And if you follow me, you know how much I pick up the energies around me. I’m a total empath — which is why I need city breaks at least twice a month (I’ve learned this about myself and happy to write more on the subject if you’re interested). What I’m round-a-bout trying to say is I’ve realized it’s not just energy of the people around us that has an impact on our bodies, minds, and spirits, but also our environment. Our living space (and working space // wherever we spend a bulk of our time) impacts our thoughts, feelings, and general outlook on the day.

Think about it like this: how much better do you feel waking up in a clean room, going downstairs and making coffee in a well equipped clean kitchen with no dishes in the sink, working in an office without papers all over the place, and going to sleep in a bed that’s been freshly made. Those “little” things makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. So take that a step further. When your surroundings feel homey and reflect your own personal inner beauty, passions, favorite colors, and overall joy, it’s easier for your light to shine through in this world. It makes you happy, at peace, and like you’re home and truly YOU when you walk into your own personal haven.

This is what happened with my living room. NWL HQ is my loft. Which means my living room dictates the look and feel of my entire apartment. It was a close to blank canvas filled with furnishings and a small amount of decor pieces that my ex and I had picked out together. Switching out all my large furniture items, choosing art, wall paper, and a color palate to cultivate a space that felt like ME was transformative. So, when Article (the brand behind the sofa and ottoman in my living room) approached me about their expanded (and reasonably priced!!) outdoor furnishings lines and spring campaign, you know this lady was in.

So, when Article (the brand behind the blue velvet sofa and leather ottoman in my living room) approached me about their expanded (and reasonably priced!!) outdoor furniture collection and spring campaign, you know this lady was in.

I don’t mean to keep going bringing up my past relationship — though I do feel truly healed that I’m able to talk about it with complete neutral feelings (major growth point!!) — but as a 26 year old, over 17% of my life was spent in that relationship and over 80% of my time living in this loft (aka adult life) was with him. So to say he and the relationship had a giant impact on my life is an understatement. BUT I DIGRESS, my ex had all these grand plans for the balcony — it really is an extension of the living room and when it’s nice out it expands the living space by A LOT. That said, did any of those plans ever come to fruition? … No. That was part of the problem (insert huge HA HA here). Pair that with the fact that one time he left a bright orange commuter bike on the balcony for days and someone climbed the gutter and stole it in the middle of the night while we were here sleeping. Yes that was stupid and yes it was also totally freaky.

Flashforward to today — I’m getting totally in my element and have been reborn as a city living, savvy single lady and this spring is my blooming point to finally make all parts of my home — both inside and out — feel like something that truly reflects me (entry way // office makeover coming soon!)!

Since as long as I can remember the balcony has been a space for the grill (that I don’t know how to use), old house plants that have died, random brooms and buckets, and that’s about it. How inspiring is that?? Literally the opposite, not inspiring at all. It was an empty mess and a reminder that I don’t feel like a capable, independent woman. Not cool.

Enter my growth and blooming point for this new season!

ONE, learn how to use that grill, change the gas, and not be reliant on anyone for any of it.

TWO, drop the fear of people climbing the gutter and taking my shit (shout out to RING for supporting me here and gifting me an outdoor unit so I can scream at // set an alarm off at anyone who may decide to climb said gutter to steal one of my cool new outdoor dining chairs).

THREE, feel AT HOME in my space. It is mine after all, it should reflect me and fuel positive thoughts and feelings about myself. Not negative ones. We don’t need negative daily reminders for no good reason in our lives everyday.

All I can say re numero tres is TG for Article and their new outdoor furniture. I knew the quality was great from my living room pieces and could trust that it would all match “look wise” but not be too matchy matchy — remember, type A virgo here.

For their new outdoor collection, they curated three distinct styles: Industrial Pop, Boho Patio, and Garden Scandi. So not only are you able to comfortably and easily shop for furniture at your own speed, whenever you want, they’ve also done all the heavy lifting for you of pulling together outdoor looks that will match anyone’s style and look cohesive and beautiful — but not matchy-matchy like a catalogue. They even made a quiz if you’re really unsure of your style to help you nail it down.

So with some help from my FAB designer Annie Mueller, I went Industrial Pop (bc mission district living DUH) and chose the following pieces to create my urban oasis:

  • The Esta Lounger + matching ottoman (gotta get some matchy match in there)

  • White nesting tables in 22 inch and 28 inch (to offset each out JUST ENOUGH)

  • Alpaca throws to layer, keep warm when the fog rolls in, and add color of course — I did blue and ochre green to pair with the yellow chairs!

  • Speaking of the yellow chairs…the Zina chairs are my absolute favorite part! (the match my railing CRAZY RIGHT?? And are not only functional — they stack like no other, but are super comfortable)

  • The memo box is the icing on the cake (totally insta worthy and can easily be restyled both in and outside of my loft!)

So with that, I want to ask you — how are you growing, shifting, reshaping this new season? Tell me below, via DM, email, or simply keep it to yourself and write it in your journal (but do write it down! makes it easier to reflect, remember, and make it come true).



P.S. if you need any further inspo on the other two looks Article created with their new outdoor collection, head on over to Vintage Revivals and Ave Styles who are curated the boho and scandi designs!

Special thanks to my friend and photographer Hillary, designer Annie (literally my angel when it comes to all things interiors), and Anastasia for the gorgeous flowers.